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Reform and Innovation of Thai Talent Cultivation under the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.267


Rulin Zhong

Corresponding Author

Rulin Zhong


in Order to Serve the Needs of the Country's “the Belt and Road Initiative” Construction, Colleges and Universities Should Clearly Define the Training Objectives of Thai Interpreters, Understand the Current Situation of Different Levels of Demand, and Innovate the Talent Training Mode, So as to Improve the Quality and Quantity of Thai Interpreters in Our Country and Solve the Urgent Need for Thai Interpreters in the Market. as an Important Channel to Transport Thai Professionals, Colleges and Universities Should Not Copy the Talent Training Mode of Undergraduate Thai Professionals, But Should Follow the Essence of Higher Vocational Education, Take Social Needs as the Guidance, and Reform and Improve the Training Objectives, Curriculum System, Teaching Content and Other Aspects.


The Belt and Road Initiative; Thai; Personnel Training; Innovation