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Research on Ability Cultivation and Humanistic Education in English Education Based on Student-Based Education Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.266


Zhihong Fan

Corresponding Author

Zhihong Fan


English Teaching is an Important Part of Modern Education. to Cultivate Students' Comprehensive English Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Abilities and Implement Humanistic Education in English Teaching Are the Requirements of Quality Education for English Education. Therefore, It is Especially Important to Emphasize the Shaping of College Students' Personality and Morality, the Enlightenment of Wisdom and the Cultivation of Innovative Thinking Ability, and the Overall Improvement of Their Humanistic Quality. This Paper Discusses the Application of Student-Based Education in English Teaching, Emphasizing That Students Should Be Understood and Analyzed in English Teaching, Students' Classroom Performance Should Be Observed, and Teaching Methods Should Be Continuously Studied and Explored. in Order to Improve the Quality and Level of College English Teaching, Teachers Should Change Their Teaching Concepts, Pay Attention to the Unity of Instrumental and Humanistic Qualities in College English Teaching, Strengthen the Cultivation of College Students' English Learning Ability, Enhance Their Humanistic Qualities, and Further Enhance Their Comprehensive Qualities.


Student-Based Education; English Education; Capacity-Building; Humanistic Education