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Research on Innovation of Teaching Reform Mode of Visual Image Dissemination in Colleges and Universities Based on Visual Bionics

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.265


Gou Shuangxiao

Corresponding Author

Gou Shuangxiao


with the Development of Education and Teaching Reform, the Major of Visual Communication Design in Colleges and Universities Should Conform to the Relevant Requirements of the Reform and Reform the Teaching. with the Continuous Development of Information Technology and the Continuous Expansion of the Application Field of Machine Vision, the Course of “Visual Image Dissemination” Has Expanded from Computers to Many Specialized Courses of Electrical Specialty Such as Electronic Information and Automation. When Teaching Visual Communication Design in Colleges and Universities, Attention Should Be Paid to Language Research and the Development of Visual Communication Symbols. as a New Term of Modern Design, Visual Communication Design Has Gradually Been Accepted by People and Has Become the Direction and Important Teaching Content of University Design Teaching through the Integration of Traditional Design Disciplines. with the Continuous Promotion of Teaching Reform, the Innovation of Visual Communication Design Teaching Development Has Become the General Trend. on the Basis of Explaining the Necessity of the Teaching Reform of Visual Image Communication in Colleges and Universities, This Paper Analyzes the Main Problems Existing in the Practical Teaching of This Course by Combining with the Technology of Visual Bionics.


Teaching Reform; Visual Communication; Image Propagation