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Research on the Application of Micro-Class in Anatomy Theory Teaching of Nursing Major

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.263


He Zhendian

Corresponding Author

He Zhendian


Objective: To explore the application of micro-class teaching method in anatomy theory teaching of nursing specialty. Methods: Two classes (97 students) were randomly selected from the 2019 nursing major classes in our school as the research objects. Based on the differences in teaching methods, they were divided into control group and experimental group with 48 and 49 students respectively. Among them, the experimental group implemented the traditional teaching method of combined micro-classes, while the control group implemented the traditional teaching method and carried out parallel comparative experimental research. Results: The test group was significantly better than the control group in various indexes such as specimen examination, test report, theoretical examination, teaching mode and autonomous learning ability. Conclusion: Introducing microteaching into anatomy theory teaching can obviously improve the teaching quality and efficiency, which is consistent with the needs of anatomy curriculum reform under the background of new media, and is worthy of reference and further promotion.


Micro Classes; Nursing Major; Anatomy; Theoretical Teaching; Application Research