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Research on the Function of Ideological and Political Education in College Student Financial Assistance from the Perspective of Counselors

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.260


Xiaomin Huang

Corresponding Author

Xiaomin Huang


with the Continuous Implementation of the Enrollment Expansion Policy in Colleges and Universities, the Number of College Students is Increasing. under Such Circumstances, Some Students from Poor Families Have the Opportunity to Receive Higher Education. Financial Aid for Poor Students is Related to Social Stability and the Long-Term Stability of the Country. Doing a Good Job in the Management and Ideological and Political Education of Poor Students in Colleges and Universities is Conducive to Their All-Round and Healthy Development and to Shaping the Healthy Personality and Thanksgiving Quality of College Students. Based on the Counselor's Perspective, This Paper Reflects on the Effectiveness of the Implementation of University Funding Policies and the Practical Effects of the Educational Function of Funding. This Paper Puts Forward the Modes and Ways of University's Aid and Education Work in Order to Comprehensively Improve the Effect of Student Aid and Education Work and Further Improve the Quality of Ideological and Political Education Work.


Counselors; College Students; Funding Work; Ideological and Political Education