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Research on Teaching Reform Mode of Applied Economics in Colleges and Universities Based on “Internet+”

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.256


Huang Bin

Corresponding Author

Huang Bin


the Rapid Development of Internet+ and the Great Changes Based on Modern Information Technology Have Gradually Infiltrated into Higher Vocational Education, Injecting New Ideas and New Vitality into the Development of Higher Education. with the Modern Society Stepping into the Information Age, the Development of Computer and Network Technology Has Greatly Improved People's Lives. the Concept of Internet Has Penetrated into All Fields of Society and Changed People's Learning, Living and Working Modes to a Certain Extent. Integrating the Concept of Internet+ into the Teaching Process of Applied Economics Can Improve the Effectiveness of Teaching Work. in the Context of Internet+ , the Knowledge and Information and Teaching Content on the Internet Should Be Continuously Combined with Modern Technical Means in the Teaching Process. How to Use the Advantages of Internet+ to Integrate the Internet's Achievements into the Education Field and Promote the Healthier, Faster and More Efficient Development of Education is a Problem That Needs to Be Deeply Considered in the Current Education Field.


Internet+; Applied Economics; Teaching