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Research on Effective Teaching Methods of Chorus and Conductor Based on Multidimensional Perspectives

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.252


Zhao Peng

Corresponding Author

Zhao Peng


Chorus is a performing art that sings multi-part vocal music works. It is accepted by all walks of life with its unique artistic form. It is also one of the most popular and widely participated music performing forms. Setting up chorus and conductor courses in colleges and universities is not only conducive to improving students' music quality, but also will vigorously promote the development of chorus in our country. In chorus and command courses, colleges and universities should take students as the center and use the method of combining classroom teaching with extracurricular grouping training of students. With the progress of the society, the knowledge structure should be expanded in the study of professional skills, and the chorus and command teaching in Colleges and universities should promote the construction of community chorus culture. Music Majors in Colleges and universities have become the new force in Chinese Chorus groups. The improvement of chorus and command teaching must start from strengthening education. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of chorus art, this paper puts forward the reform measures of chorus and command teaching methods in Colleges and universities.


Chorus; Command; Teaching methods; Music performance