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Research on the Quality Evaluation System of Accurate Education of School-Enterprise Cooperation under the Framework of Apprenticeship

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.248


Wang Yanna, Xie Geng

Corresponding Author

Wang Yanna


with the Continuous Development of Teaching Reform, China's School-Enterprise Cooperation Model Has Made Initial Progress. However, in the School-Enterprise Cooperation and Precise Education, There Are Still Problems Such as a Single Form of School-Enterprise Cooperation, Lack of Perfect Cooperation Planning, and Low Enthusiasm for School-Enterprise Cooperation, Which Seriously Hinders the Development Process of School-Enterprise Cooperation and Precise Education. Therefore, Based on the Analysis of Apprenticeship Related Theories, This Paper Constructs a Quality Evaluation System for School-Enterprise Cooperation and Precision Education from the Four Aspects of Background Evaluation, Input Evaluation, Process Evaluation and Achievement Evaluation, in Order to Improve Teaching Quality and Improve Student Employment Rate.


Apprenticeship Framework; School-Enterprise Cooperation; Precise Education; Quality Evaluation; System