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Exploring the Mechanism of Applying Modern Apprenticeship to Higher Vocational Management of Economics and Management Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.245


Huang Xin, Li Zihan

Corresponding Author

Huang Xin


the Modern Apprenticeship Mode is an Important Form to Deepen the Cooperation between Schools and Enterprises, the Integration of Production and Education, and Further Promote the Innovation and Reform of Vocational Education. Many Western Countries Have Studied and Practiced Modern Apprenticeships and Have Now Formed Their Own Developments. At Present, Modern Apprenticeship Has Become an Important Means of Training Professional and Technical Personnel in China. However, in the Actual Operation Process, There Are Still Many Problems. Therefore, This Paper Deeply Analyzes the Necessity of Applying Modern Apprenticeship in Higher Vocational and Economics Majors, and Proposes a Series of Countermeasures to Strengthen Practical Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges and Deepen School-Enterprise Cooperation in View of the Problems Existing At Present.


Economics and Management Major; Modern Apprenticeship; Benign Operation; Mechanism; Exploration