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Study on MOOC Knowledge Map

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.61


Yong Luo, Wei Zhao, Xiao Xiao

Corresponding Author

Yong Luo


Currently, MOOCs face the problem of high dropout rates. Many learners find it inconvenient to use MOOC resources. Fragmented learning time leads to a loss of systemic knowledge. The MOOC Knowledge Map is an effective way to solve these problems. This paper describes the needs for knowledge maps for MOOCs. It analyses the challenges faced by the MOOC Knowledge Map, proposes the basic flow of knowledge map construction. Finally, it also objectively analyses some difficulties in building knowledge maps. Knowledge map is the direction of MOOC development and the basis for achieving systematic knowledge. By using MOOC knowledge map, the efficiency of student can be improved and their learning habits can be optimized. Ultimately, it will achieve the goal of increasing the social value of MOOCs and promoting the development of MOOCs.


MOOC, Knowledge map, Online courses.