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A Discursive Case Study of a Filipina Mother’s Transnational Parenting with Today’s Advanced Network Communication Technologies

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.244


Huang Hui, Jiang Ping, Zheng Youqi

Corresponding Author

Huang Hui


This Paper Does a Supplementary and Follow-Up Case Study to a Previous Project Done by Madianou and Miller (2011) More Than Five Years Ago to Further Explore How Filipina Mothers Working Overseas Conduct Their Transnational Parenting with the Assistance of the Advanced Communication Technology Vastly Developed Nowadays. the Interviews with the Participants and the Discourse Analysis of the Online Messages and Transcribed Video Calls, as Well as Surveys and Questionnaires Are Included in This Study with Two Main Participants, a Filipina Mother Working in Hong Kong and One of Her Left-Behind Daughters. a Comparison between the Above-Mentioned Earlier Project and This Study is Made to See Whether There Are Any Changes or Progress in Filipina mothers’ Remoting Parenting Due to the Dramatically Evolving Communications and Networking Technologies. It is Found That Video Calls and Messages through Networking Have Become Filipina mothers’ Favorite Means to Conduct Their Transnational Parenting as They Are Very Convenient to Each side and Also Cheap Enough to Afford. However, Very Consistent with What Was Mentioned in the Earlier Project Made by Madianou and Miller (2011), This Study Also Raises a Question Worth Thinking about That the Easy Access to the Advanced Network Communication Technologies to Do the Remote Parenting May Cause the Extension of Filipina mothers’ Time Working Overseas, Which May Become a Negative Factor to a High-Quality Parenting. after All, the Daughter Participant Does Admit That Communication through Extremely Convenient Networking Still Cannot Be Equivalent to the Actual Face-to


Transnational Parenting; Discourse Analysis; Communication; Network