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Analysis on Higher Vocational Sinology Education with Local Cultural Innovation in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.242


Chen Xingfen

Corresponding Author

Chen Xingfen


One Thousand Classic Chinese Study, Based on the Present, Advancing with the Times Higher Vocational Promote Chinese Learning is Widespread Lack of Unified National Studies Classics Humanities Course Heavy Technology, Light and Standardize the Teaching Material, the Lack of Professional Chinese Teachers, and Students Don't Study Classical Chinese Study Status Quo of Higher Vocational Chinese Classical Education, Can Improve Their Cultural Literacy, Cultivate Noble Ethics, Strengthen the Building and Improve the Harmonious Campus and Promote Social Harmony in Higher Vocational Chinese Classical Education Should Explore Innovation Strategy: Should Let Chinese Classic Walked into the Classroom, Grasp the Scale of the Chinese Classical Education, into the Local Culture Resources, Using the Traditional Sinology Classic Embedded in the Workplace in a Collaborative and Innovative Way, We Will Integrate the Classical Education of Chinese Studies with Local Excellent Culture, the Workplace, the Political Field, and the Classrooms of Primary and Secondary Schools.


Chinese Classics Education; Collaborative Innovation; Local Culture; Embedded in the Workplace; Strategy