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Innovative Training Program for College Students and Training Management of Innovative Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.240


Yongjun Yao, Yuxuan Yang

Corresponding Author

Yongjun Yao


Cultivating Innovative Talents is Not Only the Need of Economic and Social Development, But Also the Important Mission of Chinese Universities. in Recent Years, Although the National, Provincial and University Level Scientific Research and Innovation Projects Have Achieved Some Implementation Results, the Innovation Training Program for College Students Has Been Continuously Developed. However, in the Process of Implementing the Innovation Training Program for College Students, There Are Many Problems Such as the Lack of Professional Basic Knowledge, Which Leads to the Lack of Innovation Motivation for College Students. Based on This, This Paper Expounds the Concept and Function of Innovation Training Plan for College Students, and Puts Forward the Relevant Countermeasures for Training Management Innovation Talents from the Aspects of Integrating the Awareness of Training Innovation Ability into Daily Teaching, Attaching Importance to the Teaching Work of Basic Courses, and Paying Attention to the Training and Tracking of Innovation Talents. Hope to Provide Some Reference for Promoting the Development of Innovative Training Programs for College Students and Strengthening the Management of Innovative Talents.


College Student; Innovative Training Program; Innovative Talents; Training Management