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Meta Analysis of Scl-90 Survey Results of Mental Health of Chinese College Students in Recent Years

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.238


Xun Gong

Corresponding Author

Xun Gong


with the Continuous Development of Social Economy, Chinese College Students' Mental Health Education Faces Many Problems, and Relevant Teaching Fields Need to Be Adjusted to Meet the Requirements of Social Development. At Present, Colleges and Universities Are Paying More and More Attention to the Mental Health Education of College Students, and They Also Put Forward New Requirements for student’s Mental Health Development. by Analyzing the Mental Health Data of College Students from 2013 to 2015 and the Meta-Analysis of Scl-90 Survey Results, This Paper Finds That There Are Still a Series of Problems in the Mental Health of College Students. in View of This Problem, the Author Analyzes the Mental Health Problems of College Students in the Past Three Years and Puts Forward Constructive Opinions on the Various Mental Illnesses of Contemporary College Students Based on the Results of the Scl-90 Survey. the Research Pointed out That the Mental Health Education Mode of College Students Needs to Be Further Optimized to Reduce Vicious Events and Create a Better Environment for Maintaining Stable Development of Society.


College Students; Mental Health; Education; Scl-90; Meta-Analysis