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The Training of Applied Talents of Network and New Media under the Mode of School-Enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.232


Yang Minghui

Corresponding Author

Yang Minghui


The Information Age Has Promoted Social Change, Industrial Development and the Upgrading of China's Technological Level. as a Product of the Times, the Improvement of Scientific and Technological Strength Promotes the Innovation of Traditional Media and Tends to Integrate with New Media, Realizing the All Media Communication Mode. At the Same Time, Network and New Media Specialty, as a New Course in Colleges and Universities, Realizes the Integration and Intersection of Network and Media, and Provides Full Guarantee for the Cultivation of Network New Media Application Talents with Compound Professional Knowledge. Based on This, This Paper Summarizes the Current Situation of Network Strategy and New Media Professional Development and Talent Training Mode, and Finds That Colleges and Universities Are Facing Multiple Difficulties in the Process of Talent Training. Based on This, It Puts Forward Corresponding Countermeasures and Suggestions, Hoping to Provide Useful Reference for the Future Application-Oriented Talent Training in Colleges and Universities.


School Enterprise Cooperation; Network; New Media; Practical Personnel; Research