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The Cultivation of Emotional Art and Aesthetic Spirit in Vocal Music Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.231


Min Xu

Corresponding Author

Min Xu


Vocal Performance is Mainly Based on Voice, Which is Also an Important Condition to Measure the Level of Vocal Music. But in the Performance, If Students Only Have Singing Skills But Lack of Emotional Integration, It Will Not Be Able to Deeply Root in the Hearts of the People. in Today's Vocal Music Teaching, Most of Them Focus on Simple Singing Skills, Ignoring the Importance of Aesthetic Ability and Emotional Training. Based on the Existing Problems in Vocal Music Teaching, This Paper Puts Forward Suggestions from Three Aspects, Which Have Certain Significance for Vocal Music Education and Promote the Further Development of Vocal Music Education.


Vocal Performance; Emotional Training; Aesthetic Ability; Education