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Construction of Pharmaceutical Management and Regulations Platform Course in Pharmaceutical Specialty under the Background of Million Enrollment Expansion

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.230


Wu Duoqing

Corresponding Author

Wu Duoqing


in Recent Years, the Policy of Million Enrollment Expansion Has Been Introduced. on the One Hand, It Helps to Alleviate the Pressure of Social Employment, on the Other Hand, It Can Cultivate More High-Quality Talents. Pharmaceutical Management and Laws and Regulations Are the Key Compulsory Subjects for Pharmaceutical Specialty, and Also the Compulsory Subjects for the Qualification Certificate of Licensed Pharmacist. At Present, the Platform Course of Pharmacy Management and Regulations in Colleges and Universities is Lack of Pertinence, and There Are Many Problems, Such as the Difficulty of Updating the Course and the Imperfection of Teaching Team Structure. This Paper Deeply Analyzes the Current Situation of the Platform Course of “Pharmacy Management and Regulations”, and Puts Forward Relevant Countermeasures Such as Strengthening the Connection Work among All Levels, Opening the Personalized Cultivation Mode, and Reasonably Matching the Resources of Teachers and Students. in Order to Provide a Reference for the Construction of Pharmaceutical Professional “Pharmacy Management and Regulations” Platform Course, and Help Colleges and Universities to Cultivate More Practical Talents with Strong Pharmaceutical Ability.


Million Enrollment Expansion; Pharmacy Major; Pharmacy Management and Regulations; Curriculum Construction