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Research on the Theory and Teaching Practice of Physical Education in Modern Colleges and Universities in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.227


Cui Yan, Rao Hao

Corresponding Author

Cui Yan


Under the Background of Curriculum Education and Teaching Reform, Modern College Physical Education Has Also Been Given a New Vitality. with the Rapid Development of Social Economy, the Demand for Comprehensive Quality Talents in Modern Society is Growing. in This Regard, Physical Education in Colleges and Universities Has Also Been Reinterpreted. Based on the Theoretical Background of Modern College Physical Education, This Paper Analyzes the Current Situation of College Physical Education, and Then Gives the Reform Path of Teaching Practice under the Guidance of Modern College Physical Education Theory, Hoping to Provide Practical Suggestions for College Physical Education.


University; Sports Theory; Teaching Practice; Research