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Exploration on the Value of Physical Education in Schools in the Process of Socialization of College Students in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.223


Yan Xuanfei, Gao Shanshan

Corresponding Author

Yan Xuanfei


with the Development of the Times, Society Has Become Complicated. However, Due to the Immaturity of the Mind and the Imperfect Values, the Current College Students Are Easy to Hit the Wall When They First Enter the Society. the Physical Education of Colleges and Universities, Due to the Particularity of the Discipline, Prompts College Students to Get in Touch with the Society Earlier, Accumulate Social Experience in Advance, and Can Better Adapt to Society When They First Enter the Society. This Paper Analyzes the Direct Advantages of Physical Education in Colleges and Universities to Promote Students' Socialization Process, and States the Influence of College Physical Education on College Students' Values, Helping College Students to Better Adapt to This Society and Make More for the Country's Development.


New Era; College Student Socialization; School; Physical Education; Explore