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Research on the Construction Path of University Education Management Informationization under the Background of New Era Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.222


Wei Lirong, Hou Yingjie

Corresponding Author

Wei Lirong


with the Advent of the New Era, the Traditional Education and Teaching Management System of Colleges and Universities Can No Longer Meet the Development of Today's Society, and Colleges and Universities Urgently Need to Change This Situation. Colleges and Universities Should Also Conform to the Development of the Times. in the Education and Teaching Management Work, the Introduction of Big Data Technology Can More Effectively and Reasonably Manage the Daily Teaching Work of the Campus, Which is Conducive to the Development of College Teaching. This Paper Presents the Meaning and Characteristics of Big Data Technology, Analyzes the Problems Existing in the Daily Teaching Management Process of Colleges and Universities, and Proposes Solutions According to These Problems, in Order to Provide Reference for Relevant Scholars.


New Era; Big Data Background; Education Management; Information Construction; Path Research