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An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Integrating College Students' Ideological and Political Education into Student Management

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.217


Zhou Ziwei, He Zhiyuan

Corresponding Author

He Zhiyuan


With the rapid development of economy and society and the rapid improvement of education level, college students' values and ways of thinking have changed a lot. In response to these changes, it has become an inevitable trend to integrate ideological and political education with student management. The organic combination of the two not only helps to improve the management of students, but also can promote the overall development of college students. Based on this, on the basis of expounding the importance of the integration of Ideological and political education and student management, this paper systematically analyzes the problems faced by the integration of ideological and political education into student management. And from the aspects of serving the development of students, strengthening the construction of education team and building curriculum platform, this paper puts forward the relevant countermeasures of integrating ideological and political education into student management, in order to provide some reference for improving the effectiveness of student management in colleges and universities.


College Students; Ideological and Political Education; Student Management; Importance; Effectiveness; Path Analysis