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The Compilation of Engineering Practice Teaching Materials in Universities under the New Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.215


Wei Xianggui, Fu Shuigen, Li Paixia, Zhangkeyan

Corresponding Author

Wei Xianggui


Teaching Materials Are an Important Carrier of Knowledge Dissemination and Teaching Activities. Universities Should Implement the State Council Issue the Opinions, about Strengthening and Improving the Construction of Textbooks in the New Situation, through Strengthening the Construction of Practice Textbooks to Accomplish the Goals of Strengthening Practical Teaching and Improving the Quality of Personnel Training. Based on the Analysis of the Present Situation of the Domestic Engineering Practice Teaching Materials, Put Forward the Suggestions for the Compilation of the “Six Needs” of the Practical Teaching Materials in the New Situation, Including, Needs to Have the Consciousness of the National Strategic and the Strong Pertinence, Moreover Needs to Pay Attention to the Problem-Oriented, the Choice of the Content, the Quality and the Team Training.


Teaching Material; Practice Teaching; Engineering Training; New Situation