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An Analysis of the Strengthening Effect of New Educational Technology on Classroom Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.214


Chengjun An, Chengshuang An

Corresponding Author

Chengjun An


The New Technology Represented by Computer Technology, Digital Technology and Network Technology Has a Profound Impact on the Way of Higher Education in China. There Are Some Problems in the Traditional Classroom Teaching in Colleges and Universities, Such as the Single Form of Teaching Resources, the Low Application Rate of New Educational Technology, the Old Teaching Ideas and Teaching Methods, Which Need to Be Further Solved and the Classroom Teaching Methods Need to Be Improved. Based on This, This Paper Analyzes the Current Situation of the Development of New Educational Technology, and Points out That the New Educational Technology Plays an Important Role in Enriching the Form of Teaching Media, Broadening the Access to Knowledge and Innovating the Classroom Teaching Methods, Which is of Great Significance to Improve the Classroom Teaching Effect in Colleges and Universities.


New Educational Technology; Teaching Effect; Efficient Classroom; Function Analysis