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Analysis on Vocal Music Teaching in College Music Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.212


Zhang Hui

Corresponding Author

Zhang Hui


Nowadays, the Traditional Teaching Concept of Music Education in Chinese Colleges and Universities is Far from Meeting the Needs of Diversified Education Development. in the Process of the Continuous Development of Vocal Music, Chinese Universities Should Put the Continuous Reform and Improvement of Vocal Music Curriculum on the Agenda. Based on This, This Paper First Describes the Development of Vocal Music Teaching in Chinese Music Education. Then, It Analyzes the Problems in the Vocal Music Teaching of Music Education Major in Colleges and Universities, Such as the Single Teaching Mode, the Imperfect Vocal Music Teaching Facilities, and the Lack of Attention to Students' Practical Skills. in View of These Problems, This Paper Puts Forward Several Improvement Methods, Which Will Lay a Certain Foundation for the Sustainable Development of Vocal Music Education in the Future.


College; Music; Education; Vocal Music Teaching