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The Penetration of Socialist Ideology in College English Classroom Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.209


Qin Yihan

Corresponding Author

Qin Yihan


in the Age of Internet, Information Diversification Has a Great Impact on Students' Values. in This Context, College Students' Cognition of Chinese Traditional Culture Has a Big Deviation. Therefore, Colleges and Universities Need to Pay More Attention to Students' Social Ideology Education. in College English Education, the Teaching Content Tends to the Introduction of Western Culture and Ignores the Importance of Chinese National Culture. Teachers Need to Reform the Teaching Content and Establish the Correct Values of Students. This Paper Expounds the Benefits of the Integration of Social Ideological Education and English Education, and Puts Forward Countermeasures Based on the Analysis of the Existing Problems, Hoping to Provide Some Suggestions for Students to Establish Correct Values.


Socialist; Ideology; College English; Classroom Teaching