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The Construction of Educational Punishment in Class Life--the Perspective of Moral Due

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.205


Xu Yinghui

Corresponding Author

Xu Yinghui


in Class Life, It is One of the Important Ways to Promote Students' Moral Growth for Teachers to Correct Students' Moral Mistakes by Constructing and Implementing Educational Punishment. the Educational Punishment Should Be Due to the Students' Moral Negligence, Which Should Be Exempted from the Punishment of Poor Academic Performance and Pursuit of Personal Life Ideal, and Prevent the Punishment of Humiliating Students' Body and Mind in Order to Maintain the Abuse of Teachers' Authority. What Students Deserve is the Guidance Criticism or Punishment of Their Moral Mistakes. in This Way, We Can Ensure the Proper Use of Punishment. to This End, We Shou Ld Establish the Principle of Moral Due, Consider the Specific Educational Situation in the Specific Implementation, Practice the Principle of Care, Also Teachers and Students to Establish Class Norms.


Class Life; Moral Due; Educational Punishment