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Analysis of Scl-90 Survey Results of Chinese University Freshmen in Recent Five Years and Determination of Their Norm

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.196


Xun Gong

Corresponding Author

Xun Gong


This Paper Selects “Freshmen” and “Scl-90” as Subject Words to Search for Literature, and Conducts Meta-Analysis on Relevant Papers. It is Concluded and Proved That the Effect of Each Factor in Scl-90 is Higher Than That of the National Norm in 2015 in Varying Degrees, But the Mental Health Level is Relatively Normal. the Results Show That among the Nine Factors of Scl-90, Only the Terror Factor is Different in Gender, and Other Factors Have Certain Regional Effect. Based on the Results of Meta-Analysis, This Paper Calculates the National Norm of Chinese University Freshmen, and Confirms That There is No Serious Deviation in the Current Mental Health Level of Chinese University Students.


Scl-90; Freshmen of Chinese University; Mental Health Level; Norm Determination