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A Study on the Two-Way Culture Introduction Strategy and Chinese Culture Communication in College English Class

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.195


Liu Yueqiu, Dong Jun

Corresponding Author

Liu Yueqiu


with the Reform of the New Curriculum Standard and the Development of the National Economy, the Society Puts Forward New Requirements for College English Teaching. Students Need to Improve Their Ability of Using Language to Express and Spread Culture While Mastering Language Knowledge. Based on the Current Situation of College English Teaching, This Paper Puts Forward That Two-Way Culture Introduction Strategy Should Be Introduced into the Teaching Process, and Analyzes the Principles of the Strategy in Detail. It Puts Forward Suggestions from Three Aspects of Teachers, Teaching Materials and Assessment, So as to Provide Guidance for College English Teaching.


College English Teaching; Two-Way Culture Introduction Strategy; Language Education; Cultural Education