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The Integration of Traditional Culture Education and Vocational Education in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.193


Li Huan

Corresponding Author

Li Huan


Sinochem's Traditional Culture Represents the Unique Spiritual Symbol of the Chinese Nation, and It is the Source of Power for China to Achieve Great Rejuvenation. However, in the Current Vocational Education, There Are Some Problems, Such as Insufficient Emphasis on Traditional Culture Education in Schools, Shortcomings in the Corresponding Teachers, and Limited Accumulation of Students' Traditional Cultural Knowledge. How to Combine Vocational Education with Traditional Cultural Education and Cultivate More Excellent and High-Quality Talents is the Key Problem That Vocational Colleges Need to Think about. in This Context, This Paper Makes a Thorough Analysis of the Significance of Traditional Culture Education to Vocational Education, and Points out That in Future Vocational Education. Schools Should Improve Teachers' Cultural Literacy, Increase the Importance of Traditional Culture Education, and Expand the Channels of Multi-Traditional Culture Education.


Traditional Culture Education; Vocational Education; Integration; Significance