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Research on the Characteristics and Countermeasures of College English Teaching in China during the Transformation Period Based on Cultural Introduction

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.190


Pan Chun

Corresponding Author

Pan Chun


with the Advent of the Information Age and the Changes of Society and Times, the Needs and Requirements of English Talents Have Also Changed. At Present, College English Education is in a Period of Transition, Which is Mainly Reflected in the Change of Teaching Philosophy, from the Traditional Examination-Oriented Education to a Gradual Change to Pay More Attention to Quality Education and Cultivate Students' Diversified and Comprehensive Abilities. Language is Not Only the Carrier of Culture, But Also the Portrayal of Culture. It is Because of the Generation and Development of Language That Human Culture Can Be Generated and Inherited. Cultural Introduction Should Be an Indispensable Part of College English Teaching, and It Must Be Emphasized and Highlighted in the Teaching Process, Which is the Inevitable Requirement of the Inherent Law of Language Learning. a Deep Understanding of the Cultural Traditions, Customs and Habits of the Language Countries Will Help to Understand and Use the Language Correctly. Based on the Process of Cultural Introduction in English Teaching, This Paper Analyzes the Characteristics of College English Teaching in China, and Puts Forward the Methods and Approaches of College English Teaching Reform in China.


Transformation; College English; Cultural Introduction; Diversification