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Research on Optimization of Education Management Mode in Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.186


Lei Ma, Jian Li

Corresponding Author

Lei Ma


with the Full Opening of the Era of Big Data, Education Management Has Been Deeply Affected, Which Has Ushered in New Opportunities and New Challenges. in the Era of Big Data, the Existing Education Management Model Has Many Problems Such as the Relative Lag of Educational Information Management, the Single Way of Data Research and Acquisition, and the Lack of Education Management Data Mining. Therefore, It is Necessary to Be Based on the Above Problems and to Be Problem-Oriented. Data Platform Implementation Transformation and Upgrading, Optimization of Education Management Data Research Acquisition Methods, Improve the Literacy of the Faculty Team, Create Favorable Conditions, Provide Strong Support for the Integration of Big Data into Education Management, and Thus Promote the Optimization of Education Management Mode.


Big Data Era; Education Management; Model; Optimization