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Design and Research of Batch Query System Based on Java

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.55


Menglin Liu, Li Zhang, Zhenzhen Wang, Jianguang Liu

Corresponding Author

Menglin Liu


The query for detailed call records is an important window of Telecom operators to provide services for the outside world. For Shandong Unicom Corporation, as current query system of detailed call records can only achieve the query of a single number or batch numbers in a single account period, but it cannot achieve the query such as batch number in a multi-account period. In order to solve this problem, an optimization plan of batch query is proposed and the query system with a graphical user interface is designed by using Java technology. Practice has proved that the query system is easy to operate, and it has the advantages of high query efficiency and accurate query results, so it has certain application and promotion value.


Java, Batch query system, Database.