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Research on Classification and Application of Physical Education Teaching Models Based on Network Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.168


Dong Jinchang

Corresponding Author

Dong Jinchang


At Present, College Physical Education is Increasingly Integrated with the Ever-Changing Computer Network. the Network Environment Has Brought Profound Influence on College Physical Education Teaching Modes and Methods, Which Means New Challenges to Schools, Teachers, Students and Other Related Subjects. by Using the Methods of Documentation and Logic, This Paper Makes a Preliminary Discussion on the Characteristics, Classification and Selection of Physical Education Teaching Modes. the Research Holds That the Physical Education Teaching Mode Has the Characteristics of Theory, Uniqueness, Operation, Openness, Excellent Effect and Stability. According to the Research, the Research on Our Country's Physical Education Teaching Mode Basically Includes Four Classification Methods Including Modern Education Theory, Physical Education Teaching Objectives, Physical Education Teaching Methods and Teaching Organization Forms. in the Application of Physical Education Teaching Mode, Attention Should Be Paid to the Transplanting and Grafting of Educational Theories, Grasping Various Factors and Characteristics, Paying Attention to the Orientation and Comprehensive Application of Strategies.


Network Environment; Physical Education Teaching Mode; Classification; Application