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Thinking and Design of New Liberal Arts Construction Path under the Background of Application-Oriented Transformation Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.158


Zhu Jie, Zhu Hong, Zhao Yi, Lin Nan, Ning Weiqiang, Shi Feng, Tao Zhangwei

Corresponding Author

Zhu Jie


Since the 21st Century, Chinese Higher Education Has Made Remarkable Achievements and Established a Multi-Level, Multi-Form and Multi-Type Complete Modern Education System Including Application Type. in the Meantime, the New Liberal Arts Was Born. Based on the Problems of Social Recognition and Vague Operation Path in the Development of New Liberal Arts, This Paper Puts Forward Specific Suggestions from Macro, Medium and Micro Levels, and Preliminary Design Quality Standards Lead to Continuous Improvement of Construction Results.


Application Type; New Liberal Arts; Path