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Research on the Path to Realize the Education of Party Members' History and National History in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.156


Chen Jie

Corresponding Author

Chen Jie


Attaching Importance to History and Summing Up Historical Experiences and Lessons is a Consistent Fine Tradition of the Chinese Communist Party. College Students, Especially Student Party Members, through Studying Party History and National History, Help to Establish a Correct View of History, and Strengthen Communist Belief and Socialist Road Confidence, Theoretical Confidence, System Confidence and Cultural Confidence. However, the Current Higher Vocational Colleges Are Obviously Lacking in the Education of Students' Party History and National History. with the Further Advancement of Reform and Opening Up, the Western Decadent Values and Historical Nihilism Began to Spread on Campus, Which Poses a Challenge to the Ideological Education of Student Party Members in Higher Vocational Colleges. Based on the Status Quo, the Article Constructs an Educational Path That is Suitable for the Current Higher Vocational Students, Strengthens the Effectiveness of Party History and National History Education, and Explores the Path of Student Party Members' Party History and National History Education.


Student Party Members; Party History; National History; Educational Practice; Implementation Path