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In What Ways Does the Preschool Mathematics Curriculum Impact on Chinese students’ Future Learning?

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.155


Jinghan Su

Corresponding Author

Jinghan Su


the Purpose of This Topic is to Seek the Implementation of Nursery Mathematics Education in China and Its Impact on students’ Further Learning. This Research Pays Great Attention to the Mathematics Learning Experience of Children Aged 4 to 7 Years Old. It Will Consider the Aspects of Nursery Mathematics Course from Mathematics Curriculum and Teaching Methods in China. by Using Interview and Questionnaire, the Result Shows That Mathematics Curriculum Intention and Teaching Method Impacts on Children Further Learning. Then Suggestions and Conclusion Are Forward from the Perspectives of the Two Aspects, Curriculum Design and Teaching Method.


Mathematics Curriculum Design; Mathematics Teaching Method; Preschool Education