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Analysis on the Necessity of Autonomous Learning for College English Students Based on Employment Orientation

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.148


Deng Yanhong

Corresponding Author

Deng Yanhong


in the Employment-Oriented English Teaching for Higher Vocational Students, Students' Autonomous Learning Ability is Cultivated While Their Application Ability of Professional English is Also Improved, Thus Making Higher Vocational Students More Competitive in Their Profession. According to the Current Situation of College English Teaching in China, It is Feasible and Necessary to Cultivate College Students' Autonomous Learning. While New Technological Means Have Brought a Revolution to Foreign Language Teaching, They Have Also Exposed Some Drawbacks in the Traditional Teaching Mode. College English Majors Have Different Purposes in English Learning At Other Stages. They Are No Longer Purely English Theoretical Studies, But Further Strengthen English Use and Reading Ability. It is the Most Crucial Stage for Students to Learn English. as Far as English Teaching is Concerned, It is Not Only a Discipline in School Teaching, But a Key to Directly Affecting the Development of Science and Technology, the Economy, and the Reform Process. Based on the Employment Orientation, This Paper Analyzes the Necessity of Self-Learning of English Students in Colleges and Universities.


Employment Orientation; English; Autonomous Learning