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Research on the Reform of the Specialized Teaching of Public Physical Education in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.145


Yongliang Tang

Corresponding Author

Yongliang Tang


At Present, Our Country is in the Key Period of Sports Power, At the Same Time, the New Era Also Needs More Compound Talents with Strong Comprehensive Quality. Therefore, the Role of University Public Sports in Improving the Physical Quality of College Students and Cultivating Their Comprehensive Quality is Increasingly Prominent. the Establishment of University Public Sports Teaching System is in Line with the Laws of Education and Teaching and the Characteristics of College Students' Growth. It Has Become a Big Problem to Push Forward the Reform of University Public Sports Specialization. Based on the Background of University Public Sports Reform, This Paper Expounds the Effective Implementation Strategies of the Current University Public Sports Specialized Teaching Reform, in Order to Benefit the Majority of Sports Educators.


Public Physical Education in Universities; Reform; Specialized Teaching