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A Brief Analysis of the Psychological Principles of Online Game Design and Its Educational Strategies for Teenagers

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.143


Chunqing Meng

Corresponding Author

Chunqing Meng


in Recent Years, the Rapid Development of China's Game Industry, a Variety of Good and Bad Games Filled the Network, and with the Rapid Development of the Mobile Internet, Teenagers Have Become One of the Main Users of Online Games, Addicted to Online Games and Delayed Their Studies Are Common. the Strong Appeal of Online Games to Teenagers Comes from the Design of Their Psychological Control Points. Understanding the Psychological Principles of Their Design Will Help Teenagers to Have a More Rational Understanding of Online Games and Prevent Game Addiction. At the Same Time, It is Beneficial for Schools, Families, Government Departments and Enterprises to Cooperate with Each Other, Form a Joint Force, and Take Effective Measures to Guide and Manage Young People's Game Behavior.


Online Games; Mental Flow Zone; Reinforcement; Achievements Need