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Optimization of College Physical Education Management and Improvement of Teaching Quality

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.139


Yali Xu, Kaihua Xu

Corresponding Author

Kaihua Xu


With regard to how to improve college physical education management system and teaching quality, colleges and universities need to conduct in-depth studies. Under the rigorous social situation, in face of the competition between different countries, China is attaching greater importance to higher education and sports culture. Colleges and universities carry out various sports programs mainly for cultivating teenagers’ interest in physical exercise so that they can exercise in a delighted atmosphere, temper their willpower and spiritual quality, and cultivate teenagers’ cooperative consciousness and indomitable struggling spirit, aiming at strengthening each student’s physical and mental willpower. Firstly, it is necessary to cultivate excellent educating personnel and excellent managers, enhance the management level and teaching quality, thus fostering college students' independent physical exercise.


College physical education; Management; Teaching quality