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Research on the Risk Assessment Standard and Method of Computer Network Information Security

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.50


Shi Jing, Dong Jingjing, Wang Gang, Song Jingjing

Corresponding Author

Shi Jing


More and more people have paid attention to the problem of network security, which has become an important factor affecting the development of information technology. The system security construction, which is marked by the temporary solution of a problem, is far from meeting the requirements of the development of network security protection. Network security assessment, also called network risk assessment, refers to the assessment of threats, impacts and weaknesses of network information and network information processing facilities and the possibility of their occurrence. It is a process of identifying security risks and their magnitude. That is, using appropriate risk assessment tools, including qualitative and quantitative methods, to determine the risk level and priority risk control order of network information assets. The paper presents research on the risk assessment standard and method of computer network information security.


Risk Assessment, Computer Network, Information Security, Information Technology, Threat.