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Cultivation of Students' Innovative Ability on Colleges Computer Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.125


Keke He, Zhengya Li

Corresponding Author

Keke He


In the fierce market competition environment, the society has higher and higher requirements for the innovation ability of college students. Under such a background, in the process of computer course teaching in universities, it cannot be limited to traditional computer teaching methods. Theoretical indoctrination, neglecting the teaching mode of students' computer hands-on ability training, but promoting the improvement of students' innovative ability through the teaching mode based on the cultivation of innovative ability. In view of this situation, in this paper, we will specifically combine the actual situation of computer teaching at the current stage to explore how to improve the computer innovation ability of students through the innovative research on the university computer teaching mode.


Computer Teaching; Innovative Ability; Cultivation Method