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Research and Practice on the Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Training Platform in Application-Oriented Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.123


Liu Xu, Liu Huiying

Corresponding Author

Liu Xu


under the Background of the Popularization of Higher Education in China, the Traditional Employment Situation Has Been Unable to Meet the Rapid Growth of the Number of College Students, and the Innovation-Driven Development Strategy of Our Country Has Put Forward New Requirements for the Talent Training of Higher Education. the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Work in Various Universities Has Been Steadily Promoted, in Which the Construction of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Platform Will Play a Role in the Talent Training, Curriculum Setting, Team Building and Other Aspects, and Provide Important Guarantee for Cultivating the students’ Innovative Consciousness and Entrepreneurial Competencies.


Application-Oriented University; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Training Platform