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Research on the Development Strategy of Esp Teachers in Local Applied Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.118


Liyan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Liyan Zhang


Young Teachers Are the Majority of Teachers in Colleges and Universities, Especially in Local Newly-Built Colleges and Universities. under the New Situation of the Transformation and Development of Colleges and Universities and the Cultivation of Applied High-Quality Talents, Local Newly-Built Colleges and Universities Scientifically and Reasonably Guide Young Teachers to Do a Good Job in Career Development Planning through the Innovation of Working Mechanism and Carrier, and Find a Clear Position of Close Combination of Personal Development and School Development It is the Key to the Follow-Up Efforts, Sustainable Development and Core Competitiveness of the New Local Universities to Highlight the Problem Orientation, Strengthen the Pertinence of the Work, and Promote the Young Teachers to Improve Their Teaching Ability and Rapid Growth.


Application Oriented; Local Newly Built Colleges; Esp Teachers; Career Development; Strategies