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Research of Image Recognition Algorithm Based on Depth Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.48


Zhang Jian, Ji Xinhao

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jian


In recent years, deep learning has become more and more widely used in the fields of speech recognition, computer vision and bioinformatics. Especially in the field of image recognition, deep learning-based convolutional neural networks show a strong technical superiority that surpasses previous machine vision methods. The traditional methods of machine vision have not been able to meet the practicality and security requirements of image recognition in the big data era. At this stage, deep learning has become a hotspot in image recognition technology. To this end, the paper elaborates the background and basic ideas of deep learning, and analyzes common models of deep learning: deep belief networks, algorithm principles of convolutional neural networks, and image recognition efficiency.


Depth Learning, Image Recognition Algorithm, Deep Neural Network, Convolution Neural Network.