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Innovative Research on the Integration of Traditional Ritual Music Culture and Classical Dance Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.110


Qian Li

Corresponding Author

Qian Li


Since Ancient Times, the Traditional Chinese “Ceremony and Music” Culture Has Had a Profound Impact on People's Value, Ideology and Political Thought. Originally, It Meant “Teaching Music According to Rites”. Ritual is the Most Important Order and Tool between Heaven and Earth. Music is a Wonderful Voice between Heaven and Earth, and a Reflection of Morality. in the History of Chinese Dance, in Order to Promote the Etiquette of Political Society, the Educational Function of Music and Dance Has Been Emphasized. Chinese Classical Dance is a Kind of Dance with Chinese Characteristics. It Not Only Inherits the Previous Dance of China, But Also Absorbs the Practice Method of Ballet. the Movements and Elements of Chinese Classical Dance Contain the Spirit of Chinese Traditional Etiquette Culture. among Them, the Unity of Traditional Chinese Culture and “Music of Sacrifice” Education in Classical Dance Classroom Focuses on the Cultural Meaning of Students' Dance, Emphasizes the Cultivation of Students' Manpower, and Pays Attention to the Improvement of Students' Traditional Rituals and Musical Culture Belonging Consciousness in Order to Improve Their Quality.


Ritual Music Culture; Classical Dance; Innovation