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The Influence of Nursery Rhyme Teaching on Children in Preschool Language Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.109


Li Lihong

Corresponding Author

Li Lihong


in the Pre-School Language Education Classroom, Teaching Children to Sing Children's Songs is a Common Method for Teachers to Learn Relevant Language Knowledge and Create a Relaxed and Happy Classroom Atmosphere in the Process of Receiving Music. This Teaching Method of Nursery Rhymes is an Innovative Mode to Meet the Requirements of Quality Guidance. This Has Played a Good Role in Optimizing Teaching Quality and Improving Classroom Teaching Efficiency. Teachers Should Give Full Play to the Potential Value of Children's Song Education and Realize It. the Goal and Achievement of Language Education.


Preschool Language; Nursery Rhyme Teaching; Influence; Method; Attention