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The Implementation Strategy of Mobile Learning Mode in Management Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.106


Guo Mingcui

Corresponding Author

Guo Mingcui


Mobile Learning Model is a Popular Teaching Method in Europe and America. Starting from the Origin of Business Education, This Paper Introduces Mobile Learning, Selects Stimulus Cases and Teaching Materials, and Changes the Way of Guidance. the Aim is to Cultivate Students' Sense of Participation and Improve Their Subjectivity. to Stimulate Students' Enthusiasm for Learning and Provide Reference for Other Related Education Reform. Key Words: Mobile Learning Mode, Management Education, Application Management, Business Management, Business and Other Important Basic Fields. It is a Science Specialized in the Study of Laws, Principles, Methods and Management Practices. It is Closely Related to Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Politics, Economics, Law and Mathematics, and Has the Characteristics of Generality and Scientificity. Because of the Interdisciplinary Nature of Management, the Theory and Principles of Management Are More Abstractand Difficult to Be Accepted and Absorbed by Students. Therefore, How to Simplify the Management Theory, How to Combine the Abstracttheory with the Management Practice, How to Promote the Curriculum Efficiency and How to Improve the Students' Acceptance Are the Starting Point and Focus of the Management Education Reform. Therefore, This Study Summarizes the Model Introduced in Business Education, the Necessity and Application of Dcl Model in Management Personnel with Practical Significance for Business Education Reform.


Mobile Learning Mode; Management Teaching; Implementation Strategy