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Research on the Innovation and Practice of the Special Course of Orienteering

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.105


Ding Haiting

Corresponding Author

Ding Haiting


Orienteering is a Kind of Activity That Uses Natural Environment to Integrate People into Society and Return to Nature. by Using the Methods of Literature, Questionnaire, Expert Interview, Mathematical Statistics and Comprehensive Analysis, This Paper Reviews and Analyzes the Current Situation of Orienteering in Colleges and Universities in China, and Finds That Orienteering is a New Type of Sport Suitable for Colleges and Universities. Project. This Article Has Carried on the Thorough Reform and the Innovation to the Directional Movement Characteristic, Has Carried on the Beneficial Attempt to the Full Use School Peripheral Natural Resources to Carry on the Directional Movement Teaching, Has Obtained the Good Practice Effect.


Directional Movement; Characteristic Course; Reform and Innovation; Teaching Practice