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Research on the Mental Fatigue Evaluation of Modern Manufacturing Operators Based on Bp Neural Network

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.47


Ye Lan, Zou Jinhong, Zhang Jie

Corresponding Author

Ye Lan


Since modern manufacturing enterprises are supported by advanced science and technology, the production methods and production scope have undergone tremendous changes compared with traditional enterprises. However, in the modern manufacturing enterprises, people are not excluded from the modern production system. After the experimental data are collected and analyzed, BP neural network is used to establish the evaluation model of the fatigue state of the operator. The neural network is trained by the real data and the measures data of the trained neural network verification. The results show that using brain waves and eye movements as evaluation indexes, the evaluation model of mental fatigue state of modern manufacturing enterprises established by BP neural network can accurately determine the operator's mental fatigue state, whose accuracy can reach 93.3%


BP neural network, Mental Fatigue of Operators, evaluation.